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12.11.2014: After 2 smaller club parties Hannover Hardcore is back in the MusikZentrum on the 31.1.2015. Art of Fighters and Ophidian are the headliners this night. Check
05.10.2014: From now on everyone can book the studio of Mortifer! All further information can be found here
17.09.2014: Mortifers tracks can already be found on some CD compilations. A current example with "Godless Universe": Thunderscream
22.08.2014: Steinberg Groove Agent 4 is the latest product from the HALion team. Several parts of this massive drum sampler have been coded by Mortifer. Also a hardcore kit can be found in the factory content library...produced by Mortifer! More info
21.08.2014: Mortifer - Godless Universe (Noisj-53) is available! Listen and buy e.g. from Hardtunes
25.05.2014: New release coming up on Noisj: Mortifer unveils 5 brand new hardcore tracks on the mighty dutch underground label. Release date is the 26.6.2014. Pre-Orders can be done now. Check this out!
05.04.2014: Hannover Hardcore - The Big Impact on the 31st of may will take the party series to the next level. The international hardcore top acts Neophyte, Day-Mar, Marc Acardipane and the Hannover Hardcore residents Mortifer, Tank*R, S.Kracht & S.Scheppert, Placid und RIGA will start an earthquake in the Musikzentrum Hannover. Be there!
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